Friday, March 28, 2003

HELLO AND WELCOME to beautiful Horsmanistan! You will see that we are hosted at Blogspot. Thank you Blogspot! This in turn has some sort of thing to do with Blogger. Thank you Blogger! That in turn has something to do with someone/thing called Pyra. Thank you Pyra! I believe Google is involved somewhere along the way, but the ambassador may have gotten that wrong. Just to be safe: thank you Google!

As you can see, we are very polite here in Horsmanistan. This is because our parents raised us up the right way. The right way involves lots of fritos, root beer, cigarettes and cartoons. What lucky children we were and what well adjusted adults we are! We've never committed a single genocide. Why, we've never even considered it! Who else can say that?

(Sit down Turkey, you're fooling no one but yourselves...)

Anyway, hello and welcome once more. Perhaps next time -if you're very good- will teach you some of our festive native dances. Bye for now!

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