Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Fragment 1

Aldred faces north, starts counting down from 1000 by twos.
Mercury is walking down Centre Avenue in search of hot soft pretzels.
Aldred sit down on the sidewalk, starts saying the alphabet backwards, gets Q and R reversed, starts over.
Mercury, successful in her quest, wipes mustard from the corner of her mouth, raises her arms for a big stretch and yawn, expertly dropping the used napkin in a trash can when her hand is at full extension.
Aldred successfully navigates the aphabet, stands up, takes his pulse, faces west.
Mercury walks past Aldred, arms folded behind her head, rightfully pleased with herself.

Noticing Aldred she thinks:

That's a nasty head wound.

She doesn't break her stride.
Aldred walks west, aiming for what he hopes is the library.

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