Monday, April 28, 2003

Big crowds freak me out. I'm not alone in this, but I like to wear it as a badge of distinction, since it seems to be somewhat rare in my generation. So again, allow me to wave my freak flag high: Big Crowds Freak Me Out. I like small, I like quiet, I like intimate. I really dig on the solitude, too. I bring this up because I stopped by Wizzywig this weekend to check out Fred "Megatokyo" Gallagher's signing and the line out the door was just too much for me. Mrs. Ambassador was at the Borders across the street. I spent some time running back and forth, seeing if the darn thing was getting shorter. The line, a contrarian like all lines, just kept getting longer. So, I would've liked to stop by but...it's just all too much, you know?

Still, it's nice to see that Fred/Piro seems to be making a living off his intarweb comic. Chris Onstad (Achewood) also claims success in this interview.

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