Thursday, June 03, 2004

The last three weeks were basically all about my dying and now dead cat. I have no wish to say anything more about them.

Except this:

I still don't believe in God or a human afterlife, but I believe in cat heaven.

And I will miss Rexella every day for the rest of my life.
Oh shit. I was just going to send you this email:

The "Berry Manolo" crack gave it away... it is Richard, he of the ill-starred Runamuck stint, isn't it? God. I never read
Eurotrash. Really. It's Julie Powell (nee Foster). How the hell are you? Please to ignore if you're feeling stalked or something - just wanted to say, you know, Hi and stuff....

But then your email was bounced back, and so I got kind of obsessed and wanted to post it as a comment, which I couldn't do without creating a blogger profile so now there's a blog called I just want to comment on Horsman's blog littering the universe, and then I finally do it, and here your cat's died.

I'm so sorry. I have not had to experience that yet, but I wake up at night sometimes, dreading it. Here's to cat heaven.
Holy crap! Hi Julie. Not sure why you got bounced. Try tentativeotters@excite.com instead.
I just figured it out: the damn "send a cable" link is munged.
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