Saturday, November 13, 2004

Liner notes for Kiss Me Between the Piccadilly Weepers, a mix cd I did as part of a swap among the members of the website MetaFilter:

A brief extract from Why Bother?, a collection of interviews between Chris Morris (one of my favorite living British comedians) and Peter Cook (one of my favorite dead ones). I thought it best to start things off with a probing question...

2-Musique Mecanique III-Carla Bley
Off kilter big band music composed by a lady with odd hair. Bley is probably best known for the jazz opera (in the loosest sense of both words) Escalator Over the Hill, which I highly recommend. This piece is from the album Musique Mecanique. I'm just noticing now that I complete mispelled the title on my CD booklets. Ah well.

3-Crystal Clear-The Fiery Furnaces
A tight short little song from a band currently known for long sprawling ones (an example of which appears later in this mix). I love the contrast between gambling and predicting the future highlighted in the lyrics, and the driving beat makes me bounce up and down like an idiot. From the album Gallowsbird's Bark.

4-International Colouring Contest-Stereolab
A pretty, hazy little ditty from the album Mars Audiac Quintet. Any song about doing stuff on the moon is okay by me.

5-King's Lead Hat-Brian Eno
I think of this song as Eno does Devo. He does it very well. From Before and After Science.

6-Death in Barstow-The Residents
I have been known to waste many minutes singing the lyrics of this creepy little song to various melodies of my own devising. I don't have many friends. From Fingerprince.

7-Drapes-Jenny Mae
Something slightly more wholesome to counterbalance The Residents. From Don't Wait up for Me.

8-Abba Medley-Gina Langland and Alan Partridge
A stunning showstopper from the television program Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge.

9-Never Dead-Viktor Vaughn and M Sayyid (as Curtis Strifer)
There needs to be more gangsta rap about time traveling ressurected middle schoolers. Here's my favorite track in that genre, from the album Vaudeville Villain. Kinda NSFW.

10-Radha Kaise Na Jale-Asha Bhonsale & Udit Narayan
Krishna explains to his true beloved why it's okay for him to mess around with milkmaids. Or maybe lady goatherds. Whatever gopis are. Basically a mythological version of Always True to You In My Fashion, from the Lagaan soundtrack (which is a great film if you want an indroduction to both Bollywood and cricket).

11-Chris Michaels-The Fiery Furnaces
A mini-opera from the album Blueberry Boat. Kind of in a prog rock style, which contrasts terrifically with the relatively banal subject matter.

12-Ocelot Song-Joel Veitch, Alex Veitch, Mike Baker & Tim Gallagher
This jolly tune stands well on its own, but is at its best as the soundtrack to this flash cartoon. See if you can spot the celebrity cameo!

13-Premonition-Cabaret Voltaire
Okay, yeah, the lyrics are a tad pretentious, but the analog electronic noises and vocal filters more than make up for it (if you like that sort of thing, of course). From the album The Voice of America.

14-Yami Ni Furu Ame-Shiina Ringo
I have never tried to find an english translation of this song's lyrics, so I can't tell you what it's about, but damn can Shiina sing. From the album Shoso Strip.

15-Ingots-Kaki King

I picked this album (Legs to Make Us Longer) from a pile of promos, because Kaki's name had come up in some discussion on MetaFilter. I was expecting something not too interruptive in a Sarah McLachlan mode. I got this, which is much more awesome.

16-Skyline-John Zorn
I don't have a lot to say about this piece, other than I love it, and that the album it comes from, The Bribe, is a great introduction to the multifaceted Zorn.

17-Pants, Pants, Pants!-Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmonson
Careful observers may have noticed that I enjoy comedy from the UK. This lovely little closer is from the DVD Bottom Live 2001: An Arse Oddity. Mayall and Edmonson are probably best known here in the US as Rik and Vyvyan from The Young Ones, but my favorite work of their's is on the various incarnations of Bottom. We even have a cat named Edward Elizabeth Hitler (Eddie for short). As I mention on the booklet, THIS SONG IS ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.

18-Symphony No. 3 (Gloria), Third Movement-Glenn Branca
May choirs of alternately tuned electric guitars sing thee to thy rest. Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth are playing in there somewhere...

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