Friday, February 11, 2005

A full reading of Darwin's Black Box did not add anything to the various summaries of Intelligent Design theory I've read in the past. One thing that particularly rubbed me the wrong way was that Behe was fine with raising doubts against the various natural designers (aliens, time travelers) that could have created the "irreducibly complex" cell mechanisms that are the core of his argument, but he only addresses the supernatural (God, immaterial spirits) in terms of a long digression on another scientist's dismissal of the supernatural from science. The book also relies heavily on using simple metaphors (mousetraps, delivery services, and so on) to stand for reasoned and developed argument. Mousetraps and cells are both complicated, yes. One being designed is not a compelling argument for the other being designed as well.

Unimpressed. Onward to The Blind Watchmaker.
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